The Collection will consist of a set of 3 color photographs that follow the same artistic style and each capture an original final look created using the same cut and a single color technique and a single color result.


The looks will be differentiated by the hair styling along with the effect produced when they are combined with other elements of the look (such as makeup and costume).

Using the same lighting and background in the photographs will help to achieve the artistic consistency and harmony required.


*These images have been digitally retouched for reference purposes and serve as a guideline for submissions.


Light is a key element in creating the overall feeling of the image. Define the light and dark areas. Highlight and accentuate the most important areas and hide others. 

There are many types of lighting, but the most common are:



The subject or object of the image is lit directly facing the fotographer. Classic flash.


The light source is to one side of the subject of the image.


The light is placed behind the subject of the image.


The subject is lit from above. 


It is impoartant to have your goals defined, to make the best out of your collection. Ask you photographer for professional advice.


A shot always refers to the relation between the camera and the human figure, and can be categorised as follows: full length body shot, American shot (3/4 shot), medium shot, medium-short shot, medium close-up, close-up or extreme close-up.


Full body shot

3 /4 SHOT

Medium shot

Medium close-up


Extreme close-up


Choose your team: makeup artist, assistant hairdresser, stylist, props, photographer, etc. Find out what type of work they do and if they fit with your goals.


Take time to plan each part of the process and to agree with your team
all the materials required to make the most of your collection.

Prepare a production meeting and a timeline a week before shooting and specify the tasks of all the team.


The photo selection is important: Choose your best photographs.

Remember to indicate which picture should compete in “The Most Beautiful Color Award” category.


Decide on any retouching necessary with the photographer:

Remember that you can use Photoshop to correct imperfections, but never to create or reproduce any non-existent parts of the original hairstyle. The jury reserves the right to demand the original photographs at any time in order to examine any possible modifications to the image, and has the right to eliminate any participant for any misuse of this practice.